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What goes on behind shooting Culinary Masterpieces: A Visual Symphony at Westin Pune’s Premium Hospitality Haven.

When it comes to premium restaurants in Koregaon Park, Westin Pune stands out with its unique flavors and exceptional dining experiences, whether you’re a first-time guest or a regular patron.

As a passionate photographer, I am dedicated to enhancing visual storytelling and capturing the essence of extraordinary culinary journeys.

Join me as I take you behind the scenes of my immersive shoot at this luxurious 5-star property, where collaboration and creativity seamlessly blend to produce high-quality images that grace Westin Pune’s digital menu and screens.

Setting the Stage:

📸 Embracing Elegance with Simplicity: At Westin Pune, meticulous attention was given to arranging the equipment, presenting the food against a captivating black background. By skillfully utilizing lighting techniques, we added depth and drama to ensure that the dishes enticed viewers both on screen and in person.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Harmonious Teamwork: The key to success lies in the strength of the team. Collaborating closely with a talented group, we embraced their diverse perspectives and sought valuable feedback. Each team member’s contribution brought unexpected dimensions and elevated the visual appeal of every shot.

🎨 Composing with Light and Color: The Artistry of Visual Delight. Exploring various angles and perspectives, we masterfully harnessed the power of lighting to craft captivating visuals that tantalize the viewer’s senses. Carefully considering composition and color, our aim was to create images that truly engage the audience.

🔍 Nurturing the Importance of Feedback: Just like a chef refining a dish, seeking validation from clients is invaluable. Throughout the shoot, we shared work-in-progress, ensuring a seamless fusion of their vision with our expertise. By incorporating their input and feedback, we achieved exceptional results that exceeded their expectations.

The introduction of new perspectives from my talented crew elevated the visuals in remarkable and unexpected ways. Witnessing the sheer power of collaboration was a truly rewarding experience.

By infusing Westin Pune with our creative vision, we captured the true essence of their exceptional culinary offerings. The resulting images not only surpassed expectations but also perfectly aligned with the visual identity of the Westin brand.

As you immerse yourself in the visuals of Westin Pune’s delicious delights, remember that the journey of collaboration and creativity continues to inspire us.

Together, we have set the stage for capturing remarkable culinary experiences that leave a lasting impression.

MIshra Pedha

Shooting for @bigmishrasofficial was a dream come true!

But shooting authentic Karnataka sweets in their natural state was much more gratifying for me.


– It was my first professional shoot at my hometown
– Clicking sweets during the prep and packaging session is a one of a kind experience 

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