ChatRoom #10 – Avinash Kotekar

It’s 7:00AM on a working Wednesday. Avinash steps in to the lobby at Hyatt Regency Pune and calmly waits for the boy and me to arrive. It’s 7:30 by the time we find ourselves by the indoor pool. Avinash does a quick reiki while we change into our swim suits.

2 minutes after we’re out of our changing rooms we hear Avinash say “How do you feel about pushing him in the pool?” The boy gets a twinkle in his eye, I look at the water and pray to God that it isn’t too cold, and push him into the pool.

“Done. Great shot” we hear Avinash say 10 seconds into our shoot. This is when we knew this shoot was going to be a baller one. Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great pleasure to introduce to you Mr. Avinash Kotekar, the rockstar behind this shoot:

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